The advent of eBusiness and the internet and its rapid development has created the biggest market place the world has ever known. eBusiness has created multi-billion euro companies.

eBusiness levels the playing field. Businesses can go global overnight, at very little cost. A small business in the West of Ireland can look as good as a Los Angeles multinational, and can compete equally.

However there are 1000’s of Irish companies who, for a variety of reasons don’t take advantage of the potential of the internet and e-Commerce for their goods and services. In fact, of companies with less than 10 employees there are only 10% online, this is stagerring when one considers the benfits of eBusiness.

These are some of the reasons they are not getting involved

  • Ignorance of the whole area of eBusiness
  • Cost of entry, hidden and climbing costs

And then the Lack of

  • experience, technical and otherwise
  • experience in digital marketing
  • ongoing development support
  • technical support
  • ongoing promotional support
  • administrative structures

Most companies don’t have the time or financial resources to develop a vibrant eBusiness element to their business and many of those that have done so have not generated a worthwhile return on their investment usually because of lack of experience.

Those that have committed the resources to an eBusiness element to their business have generated substantial extra business growth, however, they are usually the larger companies that have financial resources.

It is an accepted fact that a successful eBusiness programme for a company can add as much as 20/25% extra business. See the “Market Research” page on this webrochure

Successful e-Business is not just a top class website, many other elements are required, comprehensive digital marketing strategies, ongoing technical support, social media strategies, search engine optimization, security etc.

EBCD has created a unique eBusiness platform specifically for Irish SME's.

For a once off registration fee and an affordable monthly payment EBCD will provide everything required for successful eBusiness strategies for SME's.

From a top class website all the way through the many elements required for successful eBusiness. There are no hidden extras or climbing costs, a fear of many small companies.

Sales trials have been conducted from our Dublin office with excellent results, so it is now opportune to roll out the EBCD Platform to SME's countrywide.

The EBCD eBusiness Platform has been carefully examined by ISME, the Irish Society for Small to Medium Enterprises and after numerous meetings and demonstrations they have accepted EBCD an affiliate, recomending us to their 25,000 members as an eBusiness sevices provider.

Finally, EBCD has also secured another affiliation, this one is with Elavon, the Irish subsidary of a multinational payments terminal company. This is another exciting opportunity which will include joint EBCD/Elevon initiatives at exhibitions, conferences etc.

EBCD are looking to license agents countrywide who will have an exclusive licence to sell the eBusiness platform to the Irish marketplace.