For this excersize we will use the example of our trial telesales campaign. It is reasonable to assume that if a person applies themselves properly starting at 10:00 and finishing at 4:30 with an hour for lunch they should achieve a target of 40 phone calls per working day, this will result in, on average, 8 good prospects each day, resulting in 40 per week

At a success rate, of lets say at a modest 10% this should result in achieving 4 sales per week. This will result in 16 per month. The table below gives an indication of the expected monthly income to be gained by each Licensee.

AVG Value Per Sale €175
No of Sales 16
Value €2,800
Recurring Income €96
Total €2,896


These projections are predicated on a telesales campaign only, there are numerous other marketing initiatives which we will be undertaking as apart of our campaign to roll out the EBCD eBusiness Platform countrywide.

The variety of sales strategies planned (see the Sales and Marketing page) will,in time improve the level of monthly sales.

The Licensee will experience a lean in period of time, usually about a month to achieve the initial crop of sales indicated above.

These modest projections show a potential for Licensees to gross €2896 monthly based upon a start up scenario. These figures will improve dramatically over time as the prospects list and the recurring income mounts up.