Lack of online presence means Irish SMEs losing out on global business

Small businesses get a 21 per cent sales increase when they move online - By Irish Times P56 Friday 08/04/2016

Ireland may be home to many of the big internet companies, including global online marketplace Ebay, but many of our domestic small and medium enterprises are lacking an online presence and are losing out on potential business.

According to figures from Ireland’s domain registry, IEDR, 37 per cent of Irish small and medium enterprises have no online presence, while 91 per cent can’t process online sales. (

“Companies are losing a huge amount of money in online sales abroad,” according to Mark Fielding, chief executive of the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association (Isme). Irish customers are also increasingly buying online from sites abroad, says Fielding, and Irish companies are losing out on this business too. “We are not selling to our own people,” he says.

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EBCD eBusiness Platform

We have assembled all the componenents necessary for SME's to obtain a vibrant eBusiness element to complement their existing business strategies. This gives business owners the freedom to concentrate on their core business and at a cost that is easily integrated into their budgets.

All the elements of our eBusiness platform are available in the I.T. marketplace today, however they are catered for by a disparate range of companies and at far more costs. This makes it very difficult for business owenrs to engage successfully and cost effectively in the eBusiness arena.

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Whilst it is a requirement that successful applicants will have sales experience, however, training regarding all elements of the eBusiness Platform will be given to the licensee.

Technical knowledge is not a prerequisit for Licensees. They will gain a lot of what they need to know about the EBCD programme from studying in detail the company website and the virtual shopping centre

Any technical questions arising from conact with prospects may be referred to the technical team for advice and clarification.

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Sales & Marketing

EBCD Ltd has succeeded in securing an eBusiness affiliation with I.S.M.E. the Irish Society of Small to Medium Enterprises. This means I.S.M..E. Have performed due diligence on the EBCD eBusiness Platform and approved it for consideration for their members should they wish to embrace eBusiness. There are 25,000 ISME members countrywide.

Our company will be conducting countrywide eBusiness workshops for ISME members starting in June. EBCD licensees can attend the workshops that will take place in their licensed area providing them with a tremendous sales opportunity.

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Cash Flow Projections

For this excersize we will use the example of our trial telesales campaign. It is reasonable to assume that if a person applies themselves properly starting at 10:00 and finishing at 4:30 with an hour for lunch they should achieve a target of 40 phone calls per working day, this will result in, on average, 8 good prospects each day, resulting in 40 per week

At a success rate, of lets say at a modest 10% this should result in achieving 4 sales per week. This will result in 16 per month. The table below gives an indication of the expected monthly income to be gained by each Licensee.

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The nature of this business, eBusiness, makes it very attractive for all types of investment and grant assistance particularly from Irish Government agencies. We suggest applicants study what’s available through the many avenues and choose the most available and suitable to their financial circumstances.

Here are some of the options available:

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Market Research

The advent of eBusiness and the internet and its rapid development has created the biggest market place the world has ever known. eBusiness has created multi-billion euro companies.

eBusiness levels the playing field. Businesses can go global overnight, at very little cost. A small business in the West of Ireland can look as good as a Los Angeles multinational, and can compete equally.

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Future Development

This is an opportunity for the right candidate to enter the lucrative S.M.E. market via the even more lucrative eBusiness market.

The nature of the business provides an opportunity to explore other english speaking marketplaces. The nature of eBusiness is an International one, providing unlimited overseas expansion potential.

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Apply Today

You may make an application for a “Master Licence” by sending us your C.V. We will reply with your “Master Licence” documents to suitable applicants.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us, details below:

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